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Ko Aloha La Ea ~ Keep Your Love

The Ironman® World Championship 2011

What to feel when a dream unfolds? How to keep this incredible feeling of love, excitement, anxiety and internal frenzy?


The true definition of living emotions one hundred miles an hour. This is what it felt when I walked to the Ironman World Championship Race Expo and settled on the famous Sea Wall. Perfection!

Check out these amazing pictures from world champions to beauty... Sometimes both!

1- The TriGallery™ Tent setup

2- With Craig Alexander

3- With Jordan Rapp

4- Jordan’s wishes to TriGallery

5- With Michellie Jones

6- With Chris “MACCA” McCormick

7- Chris’ words on TriGallery

8- The Perfect Backdrop for Creative Inspiration

9- Chrissie on Camera

10- Craig .2 miles to go to a course record!

11- With Winter Vinecki (Team Winter)

12- The original inspiration, my friend, coach Carlos Mendoza (Believe-Ness Blog)



The Road to Kona à la TriGallery

This morning, I am on the plane en route to Kona for the Ford Ironman World Championship. It feels surreal. I will not participate in this event as an athlete but as an artist. Yes an artist! I really believe that the athlete and the artist’s mind are connected in perfectly similar ways. As I am reflecting on my journey to get on this plane, I don’t know if I feel ready, scared, anxious or simply crazy!

It was in 2008 that the seed of Art for the Endurance Athlete was planted. I should say that the first step to racing my own Ironman-like journey took a few years to take as planning, strategic timing from a family front, location as well as the stars, needed to align. Easier said than done of course.

The athlete and the achiever in you knows that if it (anything) was easy, everyone would do it! 

It was mid August, two months after I met with the World Triathlon Corporation for the first time in Tampa that we decided that there was nothing like “now” for the birth of TriGallery at this year’s Ford Ironman® World Championship. A challenging few weeks to bloom a business from production of artwork, brand identity, financial decisions, production and many hurdles mixed with fabulous community feedback along the way. It was real frenzy!

Never stop believing is what made me stronger each day. The difficulties and deadlines to meet along the way were time trials of the fitness of the studio. We were getting ready for the "A" race. We were not going to show up at the finish with sloppy form and dehydrated. We were to “finish strong”.

Just like a huge commitment that is an Ironman on a family and relationship, TriGallery was no different. How to keep a balance when there is a clock ticking to be ready for race day were? Overcoming challenges is the same whomever you are: an athlete, an artist, an engineer, any goal achiever out there. You want it? You go get it! There are always people at your side supporting your crazy dreams and efforts and others to kill it to test your focus. It’s all part of it and paves the journey.

Today I am racing. In fact today I am going to see my own finish line unfold and as a  beautiful TriGallery tent (no pun intended) in Kona.

I am writing this blog post while listening to one of my favorite artists: Keane. Ironically, when I looked at the name of the song and album. Perfect!

The album: Hopes and Fears

The Song: Can’t Stop Now!

Tri. Art. Thlon 


The indivisible combinaison of three individual disciplines uinified to reach one goal: The finish line. The obsessive sport of triathlon becomes a personal competition. A real-life balancing act to include your family - career and health just like a triathlon, unified to reach the same vision.

You train therefore you race.

Let me take that thought further: If you swim, bike and run as your regimented daily training routine, you are either gearing up towards racing a triathlon or just finished one. I have yet to meet a person that diligently trains for all three sports ‘just because’. If you swim, bike and run as a routine, you are a triathlete... or you are insane!

I have had many inspiring moments before launching my first collection in the Endurance Series: The Core Collection.

The Core Collection came to me as primary thoughts, an undivisible thoughts. In fact, three primary colors and three primary shapes made complete sense to simplify the complexity of a triathlon routine. I say routine to consider all of the other aspects of life. In fact, I believe that TriGallery and the sport of triathlon are identical: Combining components in THREES: Three Primary colors, three primary shapes to represent the union of three disciplines into one varnished finish line.

As simple as One. Two. Three


What’s your plan? I always tip-toed around to answer this question...

I don’t plan!

Of course I have a vision and ideas.

I have often been accused of living too much in the moment and not being enough of a planner. I do not believe that an exact plan is needed. A STRONG vision that you can FEEL is all that you need. When you are on the right path to your destiny, things just happen. Good or bad. Life lines its events up to bring you to your destiny.

I have been saying for years that “one day” I will do this and that. There was nothing more concrete for me than to put that clear vision down in writing and setting short term goals and most importantly, share this information with my family & friends... Oh my! They are going to hold me accountable... I had to take actions now!

I have been an artist since 1987 at my leisure. I always knew that one day I would make it my daily life. It was always a "one day, I wish" thought.

I became extraordinarily passionate with the triathlon lifestyle and its regimented training over a decade ago. In 2008, I hired the most amazing coach/friend/man and he became an inspiration to me on many levels: athletics, life, family. His passion for the sport spilled on me. Multiple qualifications for the Ironman® Kona World Championship, stick figure triathlete decals on his car, branded gear and of course the tattoo on his ankle were amazing revelations leading me to my destiny.

I became the first ever provider of high end art for endurance athletes.

When life brings challenges your way, you must see the opportunities through them. The pain of going through challenges is far less than the pain of regrets.

My LCC company is born and a partnership with a global company to launch internationally is created. All it took was... Guts, PASSION and BELIEVE-NESS!

Feel your vision! Set your goals! GO FOR IT!

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